As an organization, We Care for Humanity beliefs are anchored in the following Core Values:

Campaigns 2015

Child Smile trust did commence its campaign in the year 2015 to make sure that no child should be left to get start the first step of their educational career. We started this campaign from the scratch by knocking the door of every poor parents of the country to find out the actual reasons of not sending children to school. Not only us but everyone would be sorrowful to know the reason as money was the only reason. Thus we at Child Smile trust, decided to raise a funds for these marginalized children so that we could support them to get a better education, good health and good nutrition. Therefore we commenced campaign in 2015 and now we are trusted NGO , who strive for the better education of the deprived children of India.

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Child Smile Trust

Child Smile Trust is an NGO-Non Government Organization, working for the welfare of underprivileged children and their holistic development in India. We had started our operation in 2015 as wing to fly for the marginalized children of the Indian society . A millions of underprivileged children such as slum dweller in India are untouched , unmapped and untraced even after a various schemes launched by Government of India and others . Hence we at Child Smile Trust , initiated a program at grass root level that is at slum areas, road sides and villages so that no bricks could be unturned to reach the deserve one.
Through these activities ,in short span of time, we have become a popular name among the NGO ,working for upliftment of the deprived children.

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Child Smile Trust , do launched a various events occasionally to share a smiles with poor children such as gifts distribution at the eve of Christmas day, Book distributions at the time of new academic session and Blanket Distribution at winter.
Such events give us immense pleasures to serve the future of the country example gratia underprivileged children of India.

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Survey Compaign

A number of NGO are working in India towards betterment of the poor children as it is told but very few making survey to know the root cause of these children. We at Child Smile Trust , do Survey First , then collect money from the market through our volunteers, patrons and team then after balancing everything , we do support those who really deserve it. Thus we do the Survey campaign at Child smile trust.

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Blanket Campaign

As we at Child Smile Trust , do work towards elevation of underprivileged children of India.
Thus we do organize a Blanket campaign in winter to protect them from the brutal cold thus your support utmost required to make this campaign success.
Therefore we urge and implore you to donate the warm clothes such as Sweater,Shawl,Blanket and so on.
As proverb goes, NAR SEWA IS THE NARAYAN SEWA(Human Service is the God service) so come forward and catch this opportunity to serve the poor considering God.

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Book Campaign

As most of the parents sell out their wards books after promotion to the next class to scraper(KABADIWALA) for a meager money as they are not aware about those children who are dropped out from the school because of not having books and other stationery that are must to complete their day to day school work. We at Child Smile trust , Do Book Campaign , to make them aware about underprivileged children of the Indian society and we urge them to do not sell out the books but inform us about the same . We will collect those books from your location and would distribute to the needy one .
Thus we request all parents please support us by giving the useless books of your wards. As yours’ useless books could be useful for other children who refrained from education because of not having the required materials.

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"Every morning we are BORN again, what we do TODAY, is what MATTERS most" -Budha

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