Internship is a practical exposure for the students in their field of choice conducted by Institutions and provided by the organizations. It is a part of curriculum now-a-days especially in professional Institutions.

As it injects the practical insights among the students coming from the different backgrounds, thus it is utmost required to do the internship for betterment of the professional career. We at “Child Smile Trust” is looking for the interns, thus students are requested to join our organization for their internship by going on

The Benefits of Internship at Child Smile Trust

1. Have Professionals that guide you properly during your Internship Program.

2. Flexibility that you can get here.

3. Certification after completion.

4. You can do it from anywhere.

5. Your activities will be uploaded on you tube and others social platforms.

6.Students can register on website and can do the activities of their interest.

7.Students can do any kind of social activities for the underprivileged people and can submit the video online.

"Every morning we are BORN again, what we do TODAY, is what MATTERS most" -Budha

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